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Herbal Products and Soap and About Me

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About me and Soap and Herbal Products


The story

A little bit about me

I have been in the pharmaceutical products development arena for over 40 years.  I have a Chemistry and a Biology degree and also a degree in Project Management.

With all of this experience and with learning how to develop web sites I have put this site together to help people better understand herbal products such as homemade soap and other herbal products.

I have been developing pharmaceutical products such as tablets, capsules, suspensions, liquids, creams and ointments and most recently handmade soap. I have been manufacturing small batches of handmade soaps for many years now. The soap that I manufacture includes oatmeal soap, herbal soap and other fragrant soaps that are mild to the skin. At first I started making these soaps for my friends and relatives. As time has gone by I have found that many of my friends have asked me to make additional soaps for their friends also. As time has gone by I have made these soaps for free. I used to cover the costs of the raw materials myself when batches were much smaller. I have found recently that my soap has gained in popularity to the point that I can no longer pay for the raw materials myself. With the encouragement of my friends and relatives, they have told me to start up my own website and to manufacture and produce handmade soap to be sold online. So as a result I have learned to develop my own website whereby I can sell the soaps that I produce. In addition to soap products I also review and encourage people to use other types of herbal products that are available on the Internet and at a store near you.

Herbal products have been manufactured for many generations. Some of the most well known herbal products are herbal teas and herbal drugs. Most herbal drugs have been used for a very long time to alleviate or cure illnesses and more especially disorders. These herbal products were produced at a time when testing of these products were unknown concepts, when there was no medicines act to require proof of the quality, efficacy, and innocuity of herbal medicines.

Herbal soaps are not as heavy regulated as herbal medicines. However the ingredients used in handmade soap should be carefully chosen to make sure that the product that is created is safe and does not have negative effects on the human skin.

Because of my extensive experience in formulating pharmaceutical products I know that I can pick out the best raw materials that will produce the most elegant product on the market.

I am therefore venturing on a new pathway in my life, to develop and produce herbal soap, mild soap, containing attributes that everyone can appreciate.

I look forward to manufacturing a whole line of soap products and be able to introduce everyone to many different types of herbal products that are available in the market. One of the most interesting aspects of herbal products that have interested me are products that help the skin look younger. Anti-aging products are becoming a very big market as the baby boomers begin to age.


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